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Most popular module. Designed & formulated to equip the clinician with essential knowledge and skills required to treat patients with braces in the most efficient & effective methods. This is an intense 3 days of learning how to diagnose & treat orthodontic patients. It covers a broad range of topics from cast analysis, facial analysis, cephalometry, phases of treatment planning, bracket placement, wire and accessory placement & retention. All aspects of training are coupled with hands- on & typodont exercises for maximum clinical experience. It also eliminates a lot of unnecessary fluff and empirical philosophies so that the clinician may focus only on the real goals; treating patients to an excellent clinical standard. This module sets the foundation for subsequent modules but it is by no means just an introduction to orthodontics, candidates who complete this module will be equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skills to begin treating patients orthodontically immediately. 


Course Objective

  • Overview of the Classification of Skeletal & Dental Malocclusions
  • Learn how to formulate the Diagnosis
  • Developing the Problem List
  • Understanding the Six Phases of Treatment Planning
  • Learn all aspects on Bracket, Band Positioning and Wire Placement   Techniques
  • Understanding of Retention Methology

Day 1

  1. Introduction to PCO
  2. Orthodontics for GPs
  3. Clinical Photography *
  4. Cephalometric Landmarks*
  5. Cephalometric Analysis*: Steiners, Downs, NYU, PCO
  6. Cast Analysis*: Space and Bolton Analysis
  7. Diagnosis Formulation*: Analysis of all planes, Dental, Skeletal and Soft Tissue
  8. Treatment Planning*
    1. Development of a treatment plan
    2. Problem list prioritization
    3. The 6 phases of treatment
    4. Utilizing the therapeutic diagnosis
    5. Space Creation: Expansion, IPR and Extraction
    6. The PCO VTO

Day 2

  1. Bands*
    1. Separators
    2. Selection and Placement
    3. Stabilizing a Pickup Impression
  2. Bracket Positioning*
    1. Cast Analysis method
    2. Direct Typodont Placement
    3. Differential Bracket Positioning
  3. Wire bending 1*: Development of wire bending skills
  4. Biomechanics I
    1. Wire properties: Materials, Geometry, Thickness and Length
    2. Bracket properties
      1. Single-winged
      2. Double-winged
      3. Methods of ligation

Day 3

  1. Tying in the wire*
    1. Placement of various wires on the crowded Typodonts
    2. Wire Bending 2*
  2. Finishing Bends
    1. First and second order bends
    2. Third order bends
  3. Attachment placement on crowded typodont*
    1. Open coils
    2. Close coils
    3. Power chain
    4. Kobayashi hooks
    5. Power thread
    6. Rotational wedges
  4. Retention Methodology*
    1. Retention selection
    2. Hands-on fixed retainers
  5. Case study discussion 

About Instructor

Dr.Anna Tang


Dr.Thomas S. Lien


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 Live implant training course

Januszek45Thoms Nov 08, 2017

botox and filler hands on training course botox and filler hands on training course botox and filler hands on training course botox and filler hands on training course botox and filler hands on training course


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20 Dec 2016


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PCO Orthodontic Initiator

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23 Dec 2016




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