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When a clinician has had a taste and satisfaction of the building blocks of foundational orthodontics, they often want to build on these skill-sets and knowledge to learn more. Clinicians who aim to push themselves to the next level of orthodontic training are candidates for the Orthodontic Advancer module. This module delivers three days of extra biomechanics, mechanotherapy, segmental mechanics and also trains candidates on how to use bone anchorage devices to maximize desired movements and minimize side effects. Explore the latest tecniques on accelerated tooth movement and how this can be achieved easily in a clinical setting. Widen the envelope of basic orthodontic treatment with the Orthodontic Advancer module. Please note that this module is targeted as a refresher for orthodontists or for clinicals with prior orthodontic training.


Course Objective

  • Biomechanics & Mechnanotherapy II
  • Establishing 3-Dimensional Movements
  • Segmental Mechanics
  • Utilizing Bone Anchorage Devices
  • Accelerated Tooth Movement

Day 1

  • Biomechanics III
  • Couple to force ratios in tooth movement
  • Equilibrium
  • One couple systems
  • Two couple systems
  • Segmental mechanics 
  • Determinate systems vs indeterminate systems
  • Establishing your segments 
  • Predicting segmental movements
  • Understand the side-effects of your movements and how to counter them
  • Anchorage augmentation
  • Using segmental wires and bypass techniques
  • Molar uprighting 
  • T-loops 
  • Cantilevers
  • Advanced TPA techniques
  • Distalizing 
  • Rotation 
  • Torque

Day 2

  • The 2x4 setup
  • Stop-arches
  • Utility arches
  • Instrusion arches
  • Extrusion arches
  • Advancement arches
  • Retraction arches
  • Combination arches
  • TADs
  • Introduction to TADs
  • Selection of TADs
  • Diameter vs length
  • Anatomical positions for TAD success
  • Indirect vs direct anchorage
  • Placement of TADs
  • Placement of passive power arms
  • Maximum retraction mechanics 
  • Maximum protraction mechanics 

Day 3

  • Wire Bending III
  • 3rd Order bends
  • Arch form coordination
  • Micro-osteo perforations and accelerated tooth movement 
  • Non-Conventional Orthodontic Treatment of Malocclusions
  • Class I
  • Class II
  • Class III

About Instructor

Dr.Anna Tang


Dr.Thomas S. Lien


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Start On:

24 Mar 2016


3 Days



Course Title:

PCO Orthodontic Integrator

End On:

27 Mar 2016




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