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As the old medical adage goes, "Prevention is Better than Cure". Successful Phase I, early & interceptive treatment has been shown to reduce the need for more complex, aggressive & traumatizing treatment when the patient is older. This module is specifically designed for the pediatric dentist or general dentist with a strong children patient population. It aims to train the candidate to detect all potential problems in all planes of space when the patient is young and how to manage these problems to avoid a myriad of more complex problems in Phase II. Over the course of 3 days, candidates will be taught how to diagnose and treatment plan for Phase I, how to establish realistic goals and objectives and how to use an array of appliances to achieve success. Candidates will be trained how to use 2x4 setups, habit breakers, lip bumpers, head gears, face-masks, space maintainers and other functional appliances to treat patients when young and reduce the need for extractions and or orthognathic surgery when they are older. It is not surprising that the early & interceptive clinician is often very successful in building a strong relationship with their patients and building a solid patient foundation.


 Course Objective

  • Establishing Phase I Goals and Objectives
  • Mixed Dentition Analysis
  • Phase I Treatment Planning
  • Phase I Treatment Devices
  • Arch Development
  • Biomechanics and Mechanotherapy I
  • Mapping Clinical Treatment

Day 1

  • Introduction to Module 2
  • How to Time your Treatment
  • Chronological age
  • Dental age
  • Skeletal age
  • Etiology and Diagnosis of Malocclusions: Transverse, Vertical and Sagittal
  • Mixed Dentition Analysis
  • Treatment Planning Techniques 2
  • When to begin treatment?
  • Establishing goals and objectives
  • What to and not to treat in early treatment
  • When to end treatment
  • Soft Tissue Predictions
  • Cephalometric Superimpositions
  • Overall superimposition
  • Maxillary superimposition
  • Mandibular superimposition

Day 2

  • Biomechanics I
  • Center of gravity
  • Center of resistance
  • Center of rotation
  • The Laws of Newton
  • Linear force systems
  • Force magnitude
  • Direction
  • Sense
  • Law of the transmissibility of forces
  • Biomechanics II
  • How linear forces act on objects
  • The moment of the force
  • The moment of the couple
  • How does the ratio of the movement to couple and force affect tooth movement?
  • Uncontrolled tipping
  • Controlled tipping 
  • Bodily movement
  • Root movement
  • Pure rotation
  • The friction debacle: Surface friction & binding friction

Day 3

  • Anchorage in Orthodontics
  • Auxiliary Anchorage Devices 
  • What a TPA can and cannot do?
  • The three-step method for TPA placement
  • Lip bumper placement
  • Space regaining vs maintenance
  • Adjust the lip bumper to determine molar, incisal and transverse changes
  • Why the lip bumper is superior to the lower lingual holding arch?
  • Headgear Facebow Delivery: Selection and placement, Cervical, High-pull, Combination and Unilateral
  • Wire Bending II: Finishing Bends - 1st and 2nd Orders
  • Converting the Orthodontic Patient 
  • Conventional Orthodontic Treatment of Malocclusions and Clinical Treatment Mapping Guidelines - Class I, Class II, Class III

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Dr.Anna Tang


Dr.Thomas S. Lien


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Start On:

30 May 2017


3 Days



Course Title:

PCO Orthodontic Advancer

End On:

02 Jun 2017




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