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The program is designed to take the participants through a systematic process of learning implant dentistry. Starting with basic concepts, diagnosis, treatment planning, dental implant surgery and implant prosthodontics, the attendees have the opportunity to develop sequential treatment plans on their own patients and participate in performing surgeries with the assistance of experienced faculty in Implant Dentistry. The attendees also experience hands-on workshops where procedures such as cone-beam imaging analysis, dental implant placement on dental models and pig jaws for the complete understanding of basic implant surgical procedure.


 Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the history of dental implants, current status and future development of implant dentistry.
  • Classify and define the different types of dental implant systems
  • Classify and define different prosthetic options for implant dentistry.
  • Recognize the maxillary and mandibular anatomical considerations and limitations in relation to implant placement 
  • Interpret diagnostic imaging including cone beam CT for the assessment of implant site
  • Perform a thorough medical history and clinical evaluation of the implant patient.
  • Recognize indications for referral to dental specialists
  • Develop an organized treatment planning approach
  • Develop a protocol for patient preparation; (medico-legal and financial)
  • Perform implant surgical placement procedures for simple 1-2 implant cases
  • Understand and apply principles for peri-implant hard and soft tissue surgery
  • Management of dental implant complications

About Instructor

Dr.Chan Siew Luen

Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon

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Start On:

26 Jan 2018


3 Days


Implant Dentistry

Course Title:

Basic Implant Surgical Course

End On:

29 Jan 2018




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