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We live in in a society where the demand for esthetic treatments & modalities is growing at an exponential rate. The adult population seeking orthodontic treatment is also becoming more prominent. The Esthetic Orthodontics module is created to allow candidates to create straight teeth & beautiful smiles without the conspicuous nature of traditional metal braces. Learn how to utilize clear aligner therapy, lingual braces & hybrid treatments to maximize orthodontic tooth movements without compromising esthetics & social interaction. This increasingly popular module is ideal for the clinician who treats a patient profile that requires a complete esthetic make over. Incorporate interdisciplinary techniques to provide your patients with the complete esthetic dentistry package.


Course Objective

  • Clear Aligner Therapy
  • Lingual Social Six
  • Maximizing Outcomes with Minimal Effort
  • Hybrid Treatments and Contingencies
  • Interdisciplinary Orthodontics and Esthetic Dentistry

Day 1

  • What is Esthetic Orthodontics and who seeks it?
  • Common Esthetic Concerns of Clinical Orthodontic patients
  • Fixed Appliances vs Clear Aligner Therapy Objectives
  • Invisalign - What is it?
  • Invisalign Patient Selection is everything! 
  • Aligner Capabilities to Success
  • Case Studies 

Day 2

  • Auxiliary Elastics and Aligners 
  • Dental Camouflage Application to Aligner Therapy
  • Invisalign Treatment Process
  • Hands-On PVS Impressions 
  • Hands-On Invisalign Attachments
  • Hands-On Interproximal Reduction
  • Case Studies 

Day 3

  • Common Clinical Issues with Aligner Therapy 
  • Treatment Finishing with Aligners
  • Hands-On Bootstrap Elastics Technique
  • Dental Pliers for Minor Adjustments
  • Social Six - What is it?
  • Social Six Auxiliary Mechanics
  • Hands-On Direct Bonding for Social Six
  • Social Six Archwires and Mechanics
  • Case Studies 

About Instructor

Dr.Anna Tang


Dr.Thomas S. Lien


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Start On:

23 Feb 2018


3 Days



Course Title:

PCO Esthetic Orthodontics

End On:

26 Feb 2018




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